Continuous Assurance & Continuous Control Monitoring 

The Emerging Assurance Technologies Task Force’s Continuous Assurance & Continuous Control Monitoring working group has published Audit Analytics and Continuous Audit: Looking Toward the Future. This book is a compendium of essays written by different subject matter experts that expands upon the CICA and AICPA 1999 research report to discuss the following topics:

  • Audit Analytics
  • The theory of modern continuous assurance
  • The current state of continuous auditing and continuous monitoring
  • The evolution of auditing and what the future could look like
  • Continuous risk monitoring techniques

The book also includes detailed examples and case studies of companies today that have implemented elements of continuous auditing and continuous control monitoring into their day-to-day operations. Download your copy of Audit Analytics and Continuous Audit: Looking Toward the Future. For inquiries or to request a hardcopy please contact: Dorothy McQuilken at

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