Audit Data Standard Working Group 

    ASEC’s Emerging Assurance Technologies Task Force established the Audit Data Standard working group to help develop new technologies that will contribute to the effectiveness, timeliness, and efficiency of the audit process. One of the main projects that this task force has been working on is developing a standardized data model that management, internal auditors and external auditors could utilize for enhanced analytics that would further improve the timeliness and effectiveness of the audit process. 

    Audit Data Standards
    One of the challenges that management and auditors face is obtaining accurate data in a usable format following a repeatable process.  As a result, the working group has developed a voluntary, uniform audit data standards that identifies the key information needed for audits and provides a common framework covering: (1) data file definitions and technical specifications, (2) data field definitions and technical specifications, and (3) supplemental questions and data validation routines to help auditors better understand the data and assess its completeness and integrity  The standards are offered in either of the following two file formats: (1) flat file format (pipe-delimited UTF-8 text file format) and (2) eXtensible Business Reporting Language Global Ledger Taxonomy Framework (XBRL GL).

    The first issuance of the Audit Data Standards includes the following standards.

    Audit Data Standards
    Standard   Description
    Base Standard

    The base standard document includes information on formats for files and fields that should be used in conjunction with each audit data standard document.
    General Ledger Standard

    This standard includes information specific to General Ledger accounts.                               
    Accounts Receivable Subledger Standard

    This standard includes information specific to the Accounts Receivable subledger.

    Please note that these are voluntary, recommended data standards for the extraction of information.  These data extract standards are not required, nor do they represent authoritative audit or accounting standards.  Audit Data Standards for additional sub ledgers (industry sectors and business processes) will follow this first issuance.

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    For more information or any questions related to the Audit Data Standards, please contact Dorothy McQuilken at

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