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XBRL US GAAP Certificate Program

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The XBRL US GAAP Certificate, a comprehensive online training program developed by the AICPA and XBRL US, is designed to help you build the skills to create high quality XBRL-formatted financial statements. 

Holders of the XBRL US GAAP Certificate will have proof that they have successfully completed an in-depth, 30+ hours program to build XBRL-formatted financial statements using any software tool or working with any service provider.  The Certificate was developed by XBRL US, creator of the original US GAAP Taxonomy, with input from the FASB, accounting firms and XBRL tool/service providers, and by the AICPA, which has been delivering high-quality accounting education to the profession for decades.
Modules will cover:
  • Understanding XBRL and the US GAAP taxonomy
  • Reviewing and validating XBRL documents
  • Creating the extension taxonomy and building the instance document
  • Transitioning to a new release of the taxonomy
  • Using the SEC Edgar Filer Manual
  • Managing statements:  cash flow, income statement, balance, shareholders equity and comprehensive income
  • Detailed footnote tagging in over 20 categories including pensions, debt, acquisitions, leases, fair value measures, segments, tax, business combinations, commitments and contingencies and more
  • Simulations of tagging exercises using real software tools sponsored by XBRL vendors

Take the guesswork out of your XBRL creation process, get up-to-speed efficiently and at your own pace.  Enroll in this program.