XBRL Events 

    Webcast -XBRL Data Quality: Get Involved in the Public Review
    September 3rd 3PM EST

    Join this free webinar to hear from corporate data aggregators at Bloomberg and Calcbench, serving investors around the world about how XBRL has changed the landscape for financial fundamental data. Find out how errors in XBRL-formatted financials today make it difficult to leverage the greater timeliness and granularity that structured data can provide. Learn about the XBRL US data quality initiative that aims to reduce those errors and how public company filers can get involved today and how you can benefit from tools that will be made freely available.  A demonstration of the public review and comment site will be provided.

    Webcast - DATA Act for Government Agencies: Creating Intelligent Data
    September 28th, 1PM ET

    Attend the second of three 3 webinars in a series for government agencies on DATA Act implementation and on the benefits standards can bring. All sessions are free and offer CPE credit. This session will take a deeper dive into how the implementation will work, what agencies can do and how they can gain. The session will cover:

    • DATA Act Deliverables for the Non-Technical
    • Implementation Considerations: Getting Ready for DATA Act Requirements

    • Mapping to Existing Agency Systems – an FDIC Case Study

    • Validation and Quality – How Structured Data Can Facilitate Catching Errors and Creating Better Data
    • Review of DATA Act Process Steps

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    Advanced XBRL Training Workshop
    San Francisco, CA
    October 1-2


    Intensive, hands-on training heads west to bring public company accountants best practice and error resolution to improve XBRL-formatted financials. This 1 ½ day workshop features:

    • Current best practice and taxonomy developments from CPAs who are XBRL experts from Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and the FASB
    • Explanations of how to leverage validation tools to identify and resolve potential problems in your filing
    • Discussions and in-class exercises on handling critical issues in XBRL such as:
      • Creating valid XBRL financial tables
      • Using required values
      • Handling calculations accurately
      • Applying appropriate signage on values
      • Using extensions
      • Proper use of dates
      • Navigating the taxonomy
      • Special situations including the cash flow statement and footnote situations where many filers make mistakes
    • 13 hours of CPE
    • Opportunities to socialize and learn from your peers during discussion groups and the cocktail reception
    • Optional early bird session on XBRL basics

    Register for the San Francisco program today and use code AICPASF to get the 15% discount (valid on new registrations only, cannot be combined with other offers).

    Past Events/Webcasts

    Webcast - XBRL for Practitioners: Understanding the Opportunity and Responsibility
    If you have a practice that serves clients that report to the SEC, these clients are likely required to submit their financial statements using the new format, XBRL. All SEC Filers, no matter how small, are required to provide their financial statements prepared according to US GAAP in the XBRL format. Although the SEC Rules do not require auditor involvement with these exhibits, many companies have reached out to their CPAs because the taxonomies used for XBRL financial statements are based on the accounting standards and knowledge of those standards as well as familiarity with the underlying financial information is essential. In addition, XBRL provides the opportunity to improve both the reporting process as well as the audit process when utilized to its full potential. The AICPA hosted a webcast with a panel of subject matter experts including practitioners from various firms who discuss their experiences with assisting their clients with this standard.

    Webcast - Financial Reporting and XBRL Update, with an introduction to eXacct
    The AICPA hosted a live webcast with a panel of experts to provide an update of XBRL (including how preparers are complying with the SEC rules as well as how consumers can use the data), new Accounting Standards and how to implements them, and an introduction to the AICPA's new financial reporting tool eXacct. This tool is based on the content from Accounting Trends and Techniques. View this program to learn the latest information in financial reporting and XBRL.

    Webcast - Getting Ready for XBRL
    The AICPA hosted a live webcast with a panel of experts from the SEC, Auditors and Preparers from public companies who are submitting XBRL financial statements. View this webcast to learn some key tips to get ready for preparing and submitting XBRL files. Understand challenges and key decisions for XBRL implementations.

    Seminar to Help Companies Comply with XBRL Reporting Rules
    The SEC conducted a public seminar in March 2010 to help companies comply with the Interactive Data rules (XBRL). The seminar helps to answer frequently asked questions about the rules and the technology. The staff provided guidance tagging financial statements under the mandate. View the archived webcast and the slides.

    Public Seminar on New SEC Interactive Data Reporting Requirements
    The SEC conducted a public seminar on Wednesday, June 10, 2009, to help companies and preparers comply with new rules that require financial reports to be filed using interactive data (XBRL). The staff presented information about the technology and tools and other information to assist with compliance of the new requirements. The seminar was held at the SEC's headquarters and a recorded webcast is available on the SEC Web site.

    U.S. SEC Roundtable on Interactive Data
    On March 19, 2007, the SEC held a roundtable on the use of interactive data by public companies and mutual funds to improve disclosure for individual investors. This event is available via SEC webcast replay.

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