Providing Bankruptcy and Reorganization Services, Volume 1 – Litigation and Dispute Resolution in Bankruptcy

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Cases involving bankruptcy, insolvency, and reorganization account for a significant segment of business conducted by CPAs. These specialized consulting services are critical in assisting attorneys, debtors, creditors, equity holders, courts, and other parties in interest throughout the bankruptcy or out-of-court restructuring process. This practice aid provides nonauthoritative guidance to assist CPAs in understanding the bankruptcy process and the consulting roles that they can play in that context. This practice aid sets no standards for the performance of such engagements.

Access the Providing Bankruptcy and Reorganization Services, Volume 1 -Litigation and Dispute Resolution in Bankruptcy practice guide in the FVS Online Professional Library.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Scope of this Practice Aid
Chapter 3 – Professional Standards and Nonauthoritative Guidance
Chapter 4 – Overview of Bankruptcy
Chapter 5 – Employment Process and Fee Applications
Chapter 6 – Creditor Matrix, Statement of Financial Affairs and Schedules
Chapter 7 – Operating a Business During Bankruptcy
Chapter 8 – Avoidance Powers
Chapter 9 – Financial Reporting During the Reorganization
Chapter 10 – Court and U.S. Trustee Reporting Requirements
Chapter 11 – Determination of Claims and Interests
Chapter 12 – Plan of Reorganization
Chapter 13 – Alternative to Traditional Chapter 11 Reorganization
Chapter 14 – Application of the Accountant's Reporting Obligations to Bankruptcy Proceedings
Chapter 15 – Postconfirmation and Pre-Case Closing Reporting Requirements With and Without a Liquidating Trust
Chapter 16 – Financial Reporting on Emergence from Chapter 11
Chapter 17 – Income Tax Awareness Issues
Chapter 18 – Conclusion

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