Providing Bankruptcy and Reorganization Services, Volume 2 – Valuation in Bankruptcy

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This practice aid discusses professional standards; nonauthoritative and authoritative commonly used in bankruptcy valuation engagements; bankruptcy situations requiring valuations; valuation issues unique to distressed and bankrupt companies; and illustrative examples of bankruptcy valuation issues.

Access the Providing Bankruptcy and Reorganization Services, Volume 2 – Valuation in Bankruptcy practice guide in the FVS Online Professional Library.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Scope of this Practice Aid
Chapter 3 – Professional Standards and Nonauthoritative Guidance
Chapter 4 – Purpose of the Valuation and Standard of Value
Chapter 5 – Premise of Value: Going Concern Versus Liquidation
Chapter 6 – Need for Valuations in the Context of Financial Distress and Bankruptcy 
Chapter 7 – The Levels of Value Framework, Premiums, and Discounts
Chapter 8 – Financial Tools and Techniques
Chapter 9 – Valuation Approaches and Methods
Chapter 10 – Valuation Synthesis and Conclusions
Chapter 11 – Cost of Capital
Chapter 12 – Valuation of Liquidated Debt in the Context of Financial Distress and Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 – Assessment of Reasonably Equivalent Value and Solvency in the COntect of Avoidance or Recover Actions
Chapter 14 – Additional Reorganization Value and Plan Confirmation Valuation Issues
Chapter 15 – Conclusion

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