FVS Video Library

The FVS Video Library is a powerful learning tool for all FVS Section members, AICPA members and non-members. The Member Video Library is comprised of short videos on a wide variety of forensic accounting and business valuation topics and is open to anyone. FVS Secion members and CFF/ABV Credential holders can also access the webcast library for free through their section membership.

Submit a Video to the FVS Member How-To Library

Submission Instructions

  1. Upload your file directly at https://www.hightail.com/u/AICPAMultimedia.
  2. Send an email to jclark@aicpa.org and copy multimediagroup@aicpa.org with the following video details.
  • Video Title: 255 Character limit
  • Video Description: 250 Character limit
  • Length and size: State video length and file size so we can confirm complete transfer of data.

For ideas on potential topics in forensic accounting (CFF CSO) or Business Valuation (ABV CSO) please refer to the topics outlined in the documents linked below

Resources to Help Get You Started

The two resources below can help get you on the way to contributing to the FVS Member Video Library. First is a short video on quick tips for producing a quality video and the second is a sample powerpoint to start your work from. 

If you have questions about the submission process or need additional assistance, email Paul Wapner at pwapner@aicpa.org.

Technical Specifications and Recommendations

Video Quality

  • Camera footage should be produced with sufficient lighting and with appropriate placement of lighting source. 
  • All shots should be in focus and properly framed.  
  • Video should be shot on a tripod or shoulder mount to avoid an unsteady or shaky appearance. 
  • All titles should be legible and proofread for accuracy. 
  • Final video should be edited without any interruptions from beginning to end, with no “dead-air”.

Audio Quality

  • Recording should be free of background noise or other conversations.
  • If there is more than one speaker, neither speaker should be noticeably louder than the other. 
  • Wear a clip-on mic when possible.
  • Be as close to the microphone as you reasonably can

Video File Recommendations

  • Resolution at least 1280x720 (720P)
  • Output should be 16x9, not 4x3 (Your HD TV is 16:9. Your old Box TV is 4:3)
  • H.264 MP4 Video Codec