A CPA's Guide to Family Law Services

Available in the FVS Online Professional Library*

This practice aid has been designed to provide recommended guidance, such as addressing financial issues, when serving the family law client, irrespective of where the marital dissolution takes place. However, it cannot be overemphasized that family law is subject to the particular jurisdictional rules, making it vitally important that the CPA understands and follows those rules.

Access the A CPA's Guide to Family Law Services practice guide in the FVS Online Professional Library.

Chapter 1 – The Divorce Process
Chapter 2 – The CPA's Role in Divorce Engagements
Chapter 3 – Planning the Engagement
Chapter 4 – Engagement Process
Chapter 5 – Marital Property
Chapter 6 – Business Valuation
Chapter 7 – Support
Chapter 8 – Divorce and Taxes

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