ktMINE Member Benefit


Discounted Access to ktMINEĀ® Royalty Rate Finderā„¢ Database for AICPA FVS Section Members

Discounted Access Available for AICPA FVS Section Members

As part of a new agreement between ktMINE and AICPA, FVS members will receive a 10% discounted access option to ktMINE.ate Finder database. ktMINE designs solutions based on four core standards: Comprehensiveness, Usability, Transparency, and Knowledge Transfer. By Focusing on these standards, ktMine delivers solutions that provide relevant and actionable information for any type of innovation or intangible asset analysis

.Option 1: Day Pass Access to the ktMINE Royalty Rate database 

Quickly locate the third-party evidence needed to determine and defend a reasonable royalty rate.

  • 24 consecutive hours of access
  • Ability to search the full database of over 15,000 intangibles licensing agreements
  • Unlimited access to view agreement summaries and full text documents
  • Search guidance from the ktMINE analyst team, upon request
  • Annual options available

Option 2: Day Pass Access to the ktMINE Search database 

Quickly access innovation & intangible asset data, including patents, trademarks, companies, license agreements, royalty rates and news.

  • 24 consecutive hours of access
  • Search by company, sector, technology, or keyword
  • Full access to ktMINE's innovation & intangible asset data
  • Unlimited searches
  • Alerts for 90 days

Option 3: ktMINE Reports 

Uncover a company's current intangible assets portfolio, predict a company's innovation strategy, who's playing in the sandbox, and stay one step ahead with alerts.

  • Access to a company's current intangible assets portfolio
  • Access to a company's intangible asset investments
  • Access to a company's recent activity
  • Access to a company's recent IP news
  • Access to a company's connections
  • Alerts for 90 days

CPA's worldwide use ktMINE for:

  • Purchase price allocation
  • Solvency tests
  • M&A due diligence
  • Impairment analyses
  • Damages litigation support
  • Expert witness support
  • Financial forensics

Access ktMINE for FVS Section Members

Once logged in, click on the "Purchase Access Now" link and complete the registration information on the ktMINE site.