CFF and CPA/CFF Credential Logo Member Usage Guidelines

The AICPA provides credential logos for credential holders to proudly display their expertise. The AICPA Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF™) credential logo (see below) will replace all logos previously issued for the CPA/CFF credential. Please make every effort to switch any credential logos you may currently use to the current CPA/CFF credential logo.

Including the AICPA CFF credential logo on your individual letterhead, business cards and other marketing materials will enhance your brand recognition as a credentialed forensic accounting expert and help differentiate your practice.  

CFF credential logo size, color and typeface specifications

These guidelines ensure that the CFF credential logo is used properly and consistently by all CFF credential holders.

  • The CFF credential logo may not be re-colored. It is only available in purple.
  • The CFF credential logo should never be redrawn, modified or otherwise distorted. When resizing, the entire CFF credential logo must be scaled in proportion to its original measurements.
  • The CFF credential logo should not be scaled down to a size so small that this text is no longer legible. For U.S. letter- and A4-sized publications, start with 1.2", and go no smaller than 1”.

Where and how the CFF credential logo can be used

Only current AICPA CPA members in good standing who have earned the CFF credential (by meeting the AICPA’s credential requirements) can use the CFF credential and credential logo in their marketing and business materials. If a CFF credential holder terminates their AICPA membership, they are no longer able to use the CFF credential logo and must immediately destroy all paper certificates, remove all credential logos from their marketing materials (print and digital), and stop referencing the credential after their name.

The CFF credential is granted to individual CPAs, not the firm for which that CPA works. However, if all partners or shareholders of a firm currently hold active CFF credentials, it is permissible under AICPA Ethics Rule 502 for a firm to hold itself out as Certified in Financial Forensics and to use the CFF credential logo on its general letterhead and firm marketing materials.

The use of the CFF credential logo on letterhead, business cards and other marketing materials is governed by the rules of the board of accountancy in the state(s) in which you practice. Most state accountancy laws are currently silent on whether CPAs can use the CFF credential logo mark in these ways. In 1994, the U.S. Supreme Court decided the Ibanez case, which held that states couldn't prohibit a CPA from using a specialty credential, such as the CFF credential, unless there is factual proof of real or potential harm.

An individual CPA who holds the CFF credential may use it following their name. State accountancy rules may impose other restrictions. There is no single prescribed format -- members may want to use "CPA, CFF" or "CPA/CFF" after their names. If you run into any problems with your state board of accountancy regarding use of the CFF credential logo after your name, please contact us at

Member CFF credential holder logo FAQs

  1. How can the CFF credential logo be used?
    Current AICPA member credential holders are encouraged to use the credential logo to showcase their expertise and specialized knowledge in their marketing materials, such as advertising campaigns, brochures, stationery and business cards, flyers, website and other promotions.

  2. Is there a minimum print size for the logo?
    Yes. To ensure the legibility of the logo, we recommend that you start with a height of 1.2" for the purple frame, and no smaller than 1”.

  3. Are there restrictions on where the credential logo may be placed on stationary and business cards?
    You may place the desired credential logo anywhere you prefer on stationery and business cards to accurately identify yourself as a current CFF credential holder. However, allow enough space around the credential logo so that it doesn’t appear crowded.

  4. Can I redraw or recreate the credential logo?
    No. It must be used as it has been created and may not be redrawn or recreated. However, the credential logomay be resized as a whole but should not be elongated or made taller so as to be disproportionate.

  5. May I run the credential logo in any color?
    No. The credential logo may only be used in purple. See available credential logo files.

  6. What credential logo formats are available?
    The credential logo are available in two formats: print and web.

  7. Why are there two logo?
    Space constraints might sometimes call for a smaller logo. In those situations, you can use the CFF logo without the CPA credential reference. The preferred badge includes the CPA to highlight the unique relationship of the CPA and CFF credential.
CFF digital badge without CPA reference
CFF digital badge with CPA reference