Offset Printing Instructions for EBP Financial Statement Audits Plan Advisory 

    A high resolution version in booklet format of the Plan Advisory is available on the Center Web site which can be used for offset printing. Center members may reprint and reuse all or portions of the Plan Advisory for intrafirm or client use or otherwise in connection with their practice, as long as no portion is directly offered for sale or profit.
    TITLE: Plan Advisory: Employee Benefit Plans—Financial Statement Audits – Booklet High Resolution

    SIZE: 12w X 9 Flat, folding to 6w x 9, 32-pages + cover

    INK: 4/4 process plus Aqueous coating on cover

    Interior stock: 80# dull coated text

    Cover stock: 80# dull coated cover

    Finishing: saddlestitch

    A A A

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