Employee Benefit Plans - Financial Statement Audits

The EBPAQC has prepared the Plan Advisory, Employee Benefit Plans—Financial Statement Audits, to assist plan sponsors, plan administrators, and trustees better understand the independent audit of the financial statements of an employee benefit plan.  It describes the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in the plan’s financial reporting and audit process, and the purpose, objectives and benefits of a financial statement audit. This advisory also discusses audit scope, general audit matters common to all audits, the audit process, the auditor’s report, and what you can do to assist in the audit process.

Employee Benefit Plans—Financial Statement Audits
This is a high resolution version of the document that can be printed directly to a desktop printer or used for offset printing.

Sample Client Transmittal Letter for EBP Financial Statement Audits Plan Advisory
This document may be used by plan auditors for transmitting the Plan Advisory to their employee benefit audit clients.

Instructions for Printing the Plan Advisory
Use these specifications when printing the Plan Advisory in booklet format