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    To help CPAs meet the challenges of performing quality audits in the unique and complex employee benefit plan area, the Center has assembled a wide variety of resources and tools, including accounting and auditing resource centers, primers, and plan advisories.

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          A & A Resource Centers>>
           A & A Audit Center
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          Audit Engagement Tools & Aids>>
          Audit Engagement Tools & Aids >>>See All

          DOL Regulatory Resources>>

          DOL Regulatory Resources
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          EBP Testimony and Comment Letters>>
          EBP Testimony & Comment Letters
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          Topix Primers>>
           Topix Primers
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          General Accounting and Auditing>>
           General Accounting & Auditing
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          Marketing Toolkit (Member Firms)>>
           Marketing Toolkit
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          Plan Advisories >>
           Plan Advisories
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          Plan Sponsor Resource Center>>
           Plan Sponsor Resource Center

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          Practice Management Tools and Aids>>
           Practice Management Tools & Aids
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