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Certain defined contribution plans are required to register and report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Form 11-K in addition to filing with the U.S Department of Labor. Those DC plans in which the plan sponsor gives its employees the option to contribute, on a voluntary basis, their own funds to the plan knowing that such contributions may or will be used to acquire employee securities are subject to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1933 (1933 Act). These requirements mandate plan registration with the SEC, typically utilizing Form S-8 for plan securities, and subject the plan to the requirements of annual reporting on Form 11-K under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (1934 Act). This resource center provides tools and resources for auditors of plans that file form 11-K with the SEC.

Regulatory Links:

Form 11-K Instructions and Cover Sheet
This link directs you to the Form 11-K and related instructions that plans use to file with the SEC

PCAOB Website
When a public accounting firm is engaged to perform an audit of an employee benefit plan that files a Form 11-K, the firm must be registered with the PCAOB and perform the audit in accordance with PCAOB standards (in addition to complying with GAAS for ERISA/DOL reporting purposes.)  The PCAOB website includes registration information and PCAOB auditing standards.

Staff Guidance, Form AP, Auditor Reporting of Certain Audit Participants and Related Voluntary Audit Report Disclosure Under AS 3101, Reports on Audited Financial Statements. The PCAOB staff provided implementation guidance for audit firms reporting the engagement partner’s name on Form AP filed with the PCAOB.

PCAOB Release No. 2013-001, Report on 2007-2010 Inspections of Domestic Firms that Audit 100 or Fewer Public Companies 
This report summarizes the results of PCAOB inspections performed to assess auditors' compliance with certain laws, rules, and professional standards in connection with audits of issuers, including 11-K audits.

Center Tools

11-K SEC reporting requirements (PDF)
This document provides members with a handy reference for identifying and understanding the various filing requirements for plans that file on Form 11-K with the SEC.

Illustrative Auditor's Report for 11-K Audits
Illustrative auditor's report for 11-K audits from the 2018 edition of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plans - Audit and Accounting Guide.

Archived Center Conference Live Forums:

The Center sponsors an annual Form11-K Audit Live Forum. Check the CPE & Events section of the EBPAQC website for the archived audio and presentation materials (available to EBPAQC members only).