2019 EBPAQC Archived Alerts

The EBPAQC is committed to helping you keep up-to-date on DOL and and other important employee benefit plan audit developments. Members of the Center receive periodic e-mail EAlert updates on new developments in employee benefit plan auditing, as well as updates on Center activities. Below are the 2017 EBPAQC Archived Alerts. 

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Date: 11/15/2019
Alert No: 436
Alert Title: Membership Questionnaire; Internal Control Communications; Lease Accounting; Actuarial Scales; Hardship Distributions; Participant Disclosures; EBP Conference
Date: 11/1/2019
Alert No: 435
Alert Title: EBPAQC Announces Web Event Schedule Through July 2020
Date: 10/24/2019
Alert No: 434
Alert Title: EBPAQC Webinar Rebroadcasts CPE Opportunity November 11-15 - Registration Information
Date: 8/29/2019
Alert No: 433
Alert Title: Virtual December EBP Conference; EBP Resources
Date: 8/22/2019
Alert No: 432
Alert Title: Volunteer Opportunities; EBP Committee Changes; 2019 Mandatory Membership Requirements
Date: 8/1/2019
Alert No: 431
Alert Title: DOL Issues Final Rule on Association Retirement Plans; DOL Provides Filing Relief for Certain Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs)
Date: 7/10/2019
Alert No: 430
Alert Title: New EBP Auditing Standard for ERISA Plans Issued; EBPAQC Resources; EBPAQC Chair Testifies on the Value of the Audit; Upcoming Webinars
Date: 7/2/2019
Alert No: 429
Alert Title: Register for the EBPAQC Health and Welfare Plan Audits webinar - 2-part series (July 25 and August 12)
Date: 5/22/2019
Alert No: 428
Alert Title: Upcoming June and July EBPAQC Webinars - Registration Information
Date: 5/3/2019
Alert No: 427
Alert Title: New and revised EBPAQC tools and resources; Other Audit Resources and Technical Assistance
Date: 4/30/2019
Alert No: 426
Alert Title: Upcoming May and June EBPAQC Webinars - Registration Information
Date: 4/29/2019
Alert No: 425
Alert Title: EBP risk assessment advisory and resources; 2019 EBP audit guide and risk alert available; Virtual attendance at AICPA EBP conference
Date: 4/3/2019
Alert No: 424
Alert Title: Register for the 401(k) Basics Webinar 4-Part Webinar Series (May 2, 16, 23 and 30)
Date: 3/28/2019
Alert No: 423
Alert Title: Register for April EBPAQC Webinars: Managers and Supervisors Audit Planning; Designated Partner Audit Planning Rebroadcast; DOL Trend Analysis of EBP Auditors
Date: 2/27/2019
Alert No: 422
Alert Title: March 8 EBPAQC 11-K Audits webinar; May 6-8 AICPA Employee Benefit Plans Conference- special member benefit
Date: 2/12/2019
Alert No: 421
Alert Title: Registration Information for the 2019 11-K Audits Webinar
Date: 1/4/2019
Alert No: 420
Alert Title: Registration Information for January EBPAQC webinars: 1/25 Designated Partner Audit Planning; 1/30 Tax and Compliance Issues for Employee Benefit Plans Auditors