Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center

To help CPAs meet the challenges of performing quality audits in this unique and complex area, the AICPA has established the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, a firm-based voluntary membership center for firms that audit employee benefit plans.

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  • EBPAQC Alert No. 437
    Register for the Mandatory EBPAQC Designated Partners 2020 Audit Planning Live Forum Webinar
  • EBPAQC Alert No. 436
    Membership Compliance Questionnaire; Internal Control Communications; Lease Standard Delayed; Actuarial Scale Updated; Hardship Distribution Requirements; Electronic Participant Disclosures; Virtual EBP Conference
  • EBPAQC Alert No. 435
    Save the Dates—EBPAQC Announces Web Event Schedule Through July 2020
  • EBPAQC Alert No. 434
    EBPAQC Webinar Rebroadcasts CPE Opportunity November 11-15 - Registration Information
  • EBPAQC Alert No. 433
    Virtual December EBP Conference; EBP Resources