CAQ Membership Requirements

The membership or associate membership of the CAQ shall consist of all firms that meet the admission requirements and continue to maintain their membership or associate membership in good standing.

  • All U.S. CPA firms that are registered with the PCAOB are eligible for membership in the CAQ. 
  • U.S. CPA firms not registered with the PCAOB are eligible for associate membership in the CAQ.
  • To become a member or associate member of the CAQ, a firm must submit an application in a form prescribed by the CAQ and agree to abide by all of the requirements for membership.
  • Membership or associate membership in the CAQ shall not constitute membership in the AICPA nor entitle any member or associate member firm to any of the rights or privileges of membership in the AICPA.
  • Membership or associate membership in the CAQ may be terminated:
    1. By submission of a resignation.
    2. By action of the Governing Board for failure to adhere to the requirements of membership/associate membership or as a result of revocation of registration by the PCAOB. Member or associate member firms will have the right to appeal such action to the AICPA's Joint Trial Board.
  • Previous membership or previous associate membership in the CAQ may be reinstated by compliance with admission requirements for new members. A rejection of reinstatement may be appealed to the AICPA's Joint Trial Board.

Requirements of Members and Associate Members

Member firms and associate member firms shall be obligated to abide by the following:

  • To acquire and retain membership or associate membership status, all partners, owners, shareholders and employees of the firm residing in the United States and eligible for AICPA membership must be members of the AICPA 1 .

    The eligibility requirement only applies to regular AICPA membership and does not apply to any other tier of AICPA membership. Regular AICPA membership constitutes individuals who have passed the CPA exam and are certified to practice. Additional information on regular AICPA membership can be viewed at the respective link.
  • Members and associate members shall pay dues and satisfy such other requirements as established by the Governing Board.

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1 Member and associate member firms must use best efforts to achieve compliance with this membership requirement. Best efforts include (a) annually advising each partner, owner, shareholder and employee that AICPA membership is mandatory; and (b) taking appropriate corrective action in the event that the firm detects non-compliance.