International Firm Access

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ). The CAQ was established to enhance the quality of public company audit practices through, among other things, the timely communication of regulatory SEC and PCAOB developments of proposed and final rules, standards and regulations; development of best practices guidance; and technical updates on other matters affecting public company audit practices.

In response to interest expressed by several international firms and in the public interest, the CAQ offers international firms an arrangement which will grant them access to the educational material the CAQ offers to its members. Obtaining access to the CAQ's valuable information makes a powerful statement about your firm's dedication to achieving audit quality, particularly in the U.S. marketplace.

An International Firm Subscription to the CAQ's educational resources will entitle a firm to the following benefits:

  • A single point of access to the latest developments in accounting, auditing, PCAOB rules and standards, and SEC rules and regulations;

  • Access to the premium content on the CAQ's Web site which is password protected;

  • Receipt of CAQ Alerts, the CAQ Newsletter and the CAQ Public Policy Monitor which consist of timely communications via email of brief, easy-to-read summaries of important events and activities relevant to the public company auditing profession with links to more detailed information;

  • Access to CAQ publications, technical practice aids, best-practices documents, etc., and

  • Periodic updates through Webcasts and Infocasts on current issues for topics relevant and applicable to firms that audit public companies.

International firms interested in taking advantage of this arrangement and accessing the CAQ's valuable educational materials can do so by completing a one-time International Firm Subscription Form and paying an annual fee as assessed by the CAQ.

The International Firm Subscription Form needs to be completed only in the initial year of the the International Subscription.  Each international firm will automatically be enrolled in each subsequent year unless the CAQ is informed of the firm's decision to cease the arrangement.

View information about the International Firm Subscription fee.

Please contact us if you have any questions.