Corporate Boards: Measuring and Improving Performance 

    Recently we have all read about the spectacular failures of corporate governance. New rules and regulations are being introduced that are intended to rebuild public trust, yet a question remains as to whether all this activity will result in boards that are more effective in delivering results.

    In many firms it was the board’s lack of a strategic performance measurement process that resulted in inadequate board oversight and control that allowed improper activities to occur. Thus, addressing governance problems by proposing changes only in corporate board structures is too narrow a perspective.

    This Management Accounting Guideline has been developed to advance the fields of both corporate governance and strategic performance measurement. It provides guidance for corporations on how to respond to regulatory and stakeholder concerns for improving the quality of performance of both senior managers and corporate boards of directors. It also provides significant new approaches for financial executives to contribute to improving the performance of boards of directors, CEOs, and corporations.

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