2018 Government Briefs

Winning the War for Talent In The Public Sector
March 2018

This offers actionable items to the challenges of attracting and retaining talent in the public sector.

Enterprise Risk Management: A Best Practice in Managing Federal Programs 
March 2018

This brief describes how ERM has been adopted as a best practice leading to recent revisions to the policy environment around government operations.

Using Data to Ensure Equity 
February 2018
Government auditing's impact on a city draws attention to inefficiencies or inequitable policies. Recommendations based on assessments to affect positive change work to improve the city and biased-policing policies for the benefit of everyone. The city of Denver auditing function has evolved to safeguard and improve the public’s investment for a better and more transparent city, and to set a nationwide example for equitable policing.

Overcoming Fiscal Hardships in Government
February 2018

Creative actions are helping finance leaders succeed in a challenging public-sector environment.

Technology – Improving government performance: strategy, communication and cybersecurity, Part 2 
January 2018

In Part 2 of the public-sector Technology series, the focus is upon current strategies, methods of effective communication for execution and the all-important hot topic of cybersecurity.  Through real life success stories, the development, implementation and execution of technology strategies are provided, along with the specific challenges government entities may experience.  Specific tips and direction for government entities are imbedded within this document to provide practical take-aways.