2017 Government Briefs

GAO Identifies Essential Elements and Good Practices for Implementing and Sustaining Enterprise Risk Management in the Federal Government (July 2017)
Federal government leaders manage complex and inherently risky missions across their organizations requiring effective leadership and management tools and commitment to delivering successful outcomes in highly uncertain environments. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is one decision-making tool that can assist federal leaders in anticipating and managing risks across an organization’s portfolio of responsibilities.

Engineering the future: Technology in government performance, Part 1 (May 2017)
The role of the finance professional within Government entities possess unique and specific ongoing challenges in performance in four areas: Transparency, Technology, Talent, and Transformation. The first report in this series was Transparency. This Government brief supports Transparency strategic and performance objectives with the technological and digital tools that are enhancing services to digitalization.

GAO Issues an Exposure Draft with Proposed Changes to Government Auditing Standards (April 2017)
Government brief on the GAO

More than Data: What it Takes to Understand Performance (April 2017)
The passage of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) in 2014 established a mandate for our government to make federal spending data more accessible, searchable, and reliable. This is a necessary foundation for understanding how our government allocates and uses taxpayer dollars. This brief looks holistically at what it will take to leverage that information to effectively assess performance and value creation across our economy.

Integrated Reporting Promotes Efficient Citizenship (March 2017)
Users demand more information and understanding of the connection between the stewardship and use of current financial resources and future sustainability. This brief covers how better communication of financial and non-financial information can lead to improved long-term decision-making and efficient citizenship.

Providing Professional Financial Management Services to the Federal Government: Part II - Staying Connected (January 2017)
Providing services to the federal government requires particular understanding, resources, management and accountability. The second of this two-part series provides ways to stay updated on the latest federal financial management practices. With the help of these resources, you can stay connected to a wealth of information that affects you as both a CPA and an informed citizen.