Coronavirus (COVID-19) management accounting and finance resources

Coronavirus (COVID-19) management accounting and finance resources

As the novel coronavirus impacts our lives, how we work and the global economy, the Management Accounting (MA) community is coming together to support our members in finance during this time of uncertainty. In order to navigate this challenging environment, we are providing information on topics such as business planning and continuity, resilience, analysis and other industry-specific practical guidance that you need today. 

Use the management accounting resources below to meet these new challenges of providing high-quality guidance and information in your role as the financial professional on the front lines. For additional free resources, advocacy updates and practical tips, visit the AICPA coronavirus (COVID-19) resource center.

Business planning & continuity practical guidance

Short videos

Blog posts


Tool and resources

Other management accounting & finance resources

Regional Facebook Live/Webcast Q&As with business leaders on the impact of the pandemic for their businesses

Six Key Covid-19 challenges facing UK businesses today 

Federal Reserve takes additional actions to provide up to $2.3 trillion in loans to support the economy

COVID-19 Strategies and Policies of the World's Largest Companies: What the world’s largest companies are doing to address policies, protocols and assessment to sustain business function.

AICPA Coronavirus (COVID-19) resource center: Check out the latest AICPA updates, advocacy work and free learning opportunities focused on COVID-19.  |  Journal of Accountancy  |  FM Magazine

COVID-19 management accounting responsiveness

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Building resilience in challenging times
A management accountant shares his experience on how integrated thinking can bolster financial resilience, especially in the face of COVID-19

Tip for audit committees during the pandemic
Seven key areas for audit committees to consider during the pandemic

COVID-19: Three ways to steer through the crisis
Digital resilience, business model pivot and digital transformation are key to operating through the crisis

FP&A priorities during the COVID-19 crisis
The sudden disruption caused by COVID-19 requires a refocus of priorities and allows for new opportunities

How to protect yourself from fraud during COVID-19

5 steps towards corporate resilience
Finance’s role in resilience and preparing for future crisis

Navigating COVID-19 impact for manufacturers and distributors
A white paper discussing impacts and resources of COVID-19 upon manufacturers and distributors

COVID-19: Preparing for what’s next
Five components to prepare through recovery 

Coronavirus scenario planning
A Q&A on coronavirus scenario planning

COVID-19 risk and leadership lessons for CFOs
Supply chain protection, new opportunities, cash management, leadership and digital are addressed as CFOs manage through the pandemic.

Adopt an artistic perspective to transform accounting
Insight and perspectives in art provide insight and perspective in accounting

What boards can do to confront the coronavirus
Six actions a board can take to navigate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses offer resilience training to keep burnout at bay
With job burnout on the rise, companies are training their workforce to be more resilient.

How leaders can build business resilience
Resilience has become a desirable trait — for leaders, their businesses, and employees and is more important due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

Resources to help you keep calm and carry on through COVID-19
Information for the immediate, medium- and long-term perspective that businesses, and their people, need to develop even in this time of extreme flux.

Changing with the times: Work in the age of COVID-19
Work in the age of COVID-19 How to adjust professionally and personally during this time of volatility. 

Applications for small business Paycheck Protection Program open April 3The US Treasury Department released information for borrowers and lenders, posted an application and urged applicants to act quickly.

Three ways to tackle the coronavirus’ economic riskHow scenario planning/testing, customers and cash flow can be addressed during this crisis.

Current State of Enterprise Risk Oversight (2020)Joint AICPA ERM Initiative with NC State thought paper on common practices organisations use to communicate top risks to their Board of Directors. Includes lessons on vast implications of COVID-19

Risk Heat MapA risk heat map tool used to identify and present the results of a risk assessment process.  Extremely helpful for daily and weekly use through the COVID-19 risk. 

Risk Management ToolIn this collection, we bring together practical tools and resources for management accountants to help you and your organisation establish robust risk processes.

CGMA Cybersecurity toolCybersecurity has become an important issue for every organisation in today’s digitally connected world. Awareness of the risks and appropriate responses is critical for everyone from the board of directors to the entry-level employees.

Treasury and Cash Management Tool: This guide highlights the need for close alignment and cooperation between the management accounting, tax and treasury functions when making decisions on investments, funding and risk strategies.

Financial risk management: Market risk tools and techniques: This tool will focus on management tools and techniques for mitigating market-oriented financial risks.

Using ERM Principles to help navigate risk triggered by COVID-19-Both Now and in RecoveryIn a livestream event featuring Mark Beasley, KPMG Professor and Director of the ERM Initiative in the Poole College of Management at NC State University outlined is how key concepts from enterprise risk management assist in response to COVID-19.

UK government provides further business loan aid: The government is expanding its small businesses loan scheme and introducing a new scheme for larger businesses.