Career Contribution Award Criteria

About the Career Contribution Award

The Outstanding CPA in Government Career Contribution Award recognizes the significant contributions to the CPA profession via government service at the local, state or federal level over a candidate’s entire career (minimum of 20 years).  Career Contribution Award candidates will have demonstrated exceptional leadership and high ethical standards and a track record of professional excellence. This award gives the AICPA the opportunity to positively recognize the lifetime achievements of an outstanding CPA in government.

Nominations for the annual awards can be submitted by the State Societies, members at large, federal, state, or local government agencies, or other professional associations. The active involvement of the State CPA Societies is vital to the award’s success.  Self-nominations are not accepted. One Career Contribution award is awarded annually.  If there is not a qualified nominee for a career contribution award, that award is not given.

The award is presented at the AICPA’s National Governmental Accounting and Auditing Conference (GAAC) in Washington, DC, in August.

Nominee Eligibility

  • Nominee must be a CPA (must provide State License# for verification).
  • Nominee must be a member of the AICPA and/or a State CPA Society (provide member #).
  • Nominee must not be the current president of his/her State CPA Society.
  • Nominee must not be a member of the AICPA Board of Directors.
  • Nominee must not be a member of the Government Performance and Accountability Committee

Nominee Submission - Other Nomination Materials

Letters of Recommendation (Minimum of two required)
At least one letter of recommendation from the candidate's government employer and/or other government official knowledgeable of the candidate’s accomplishments
     -- AND--
At least one letter of recommendation from the nominee’s State CPA Society, or other professional association, or an AICPA or State CPA Society member.

Please note: Letters of Recommendation must contain all of the following criteria:

  1. Describe the significant accomplishments that best characterize the nominee’s contribution to the CPA profession during the span of their career in government service.
  2. Nominee’s contributions to state and/or national professional organizations, and the impact of those contributions.
  3. Nominee’s demonstrated leadership and service to the CPA profession outside of the related government organization.

The nominee will provide current resume, including notable achievements and professional associations.

Nominee Submittal Package

The nominee is required to ensure submission of the nomination package. This includes at least two letters of recommendation and their resume before April 30 via e-mail to

Selection Process

  • Nominations will be accepted based upon fulfillment of the requirements by the Awards Subcommittee of the AICPA Government Performance and Accountability Committee.
  • Individual members of the AICPA Government Performance and Accountability Committee and employees of the AICPA are not permitted to nominate a candidate.
  • Award winners will write a brief or article on the basis of their award after winning.


Please contact: Cary Jones
Award Coordinator - Members in Business, Industry and Government

Nominations open March 1 - April 30, 2022