Bea Sanders/AICPA Innovation in Teaching Award 

by AICPA Academics Area 

The Bea Sanders/AICPA Innovation in Teaching Award recognizes and disseminates successful teaching practices in the first sequence of accounting.  Recipients are selected from the pool of accepted submissions to the AAA's Effective Learning Strategies Forum. 

Lesson plans include learning objectives, detailed case/activity description, and addressed AICPA Core Competencies.

Winning lessons/materials for all AICPA educator awards for this and previous years are available for download to AICPA members through the Accounting Educators' Curriculum Resource.

The finalist(s) for this award will be asked to present their work at the following year's American Accounting Association's Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA), receive a plaque and an AICPA funded award totaling $2,500. Past Award Winners and Honorable Mentions are listed below.

Apply first for the American Accounting Association's ELS Poster Session and when confirmation is received, you may apply for the ELS Educator Awards program. Access to the online application form will be coming soon.

Other Educator Awards

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2016 Bea Sanders/AICPA Teaching Innovation Award Winners

“Excel-Based Active-Learning for the Managerial Accounting Course”
Karen Braun, Case Western Reserve University

Honorable Mention
“Launch Learning: Students Create, Collaborate…and Comprehend Managerial Accounting!”
Kelvie Crabb, The University of Kansas, Gail Hoover King, Purdue University Northwest and Kimberly Swanson Church, University of Missouri-Kansas City

2015 Bea Sanders/AICPA Teaching Innovation Award Winners

“UBuild: A Simulation Bridging Financial and Managerial Accounting”
Fabienne Miller and Huong Higgins, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Honorable Mention
“Introducing Accounting: Classroom Application of the Pathways Commission Vision”
Melissa Larson, Brigham Young University

2014 Bea Sanders/AICPA Teaching Innovation Award Winners

“Accounting in the Headlines: A News Blog for the Introductory Accounting Classroom”
Wendy Tietz, Kent State University 

Honorable Mention
“Accounting Challenge (ACE): Mobile-Gaming App for Learning Accounting”
Poh-Sun Seow and Suay-Peng Wong, Singapore Management University


2013 Bea Sanders/AICPA Teaching Innovation Award Winners

“Reinventing Student Engagement and Collaboration within Introductory Accounting Courses”
Markus Ahrens — St. Louis Community College

Honorable Mentions
“The Accounting Tournament - March Madness in Financial Accounting”
Edward Bysiek — St. Bonaventure University

"Second Chance Homeless Shelter: A Fraud Case for Introductory and Survey Courses in Accounting"
Curtis M. Nicholls and Stacey A. Mastrolia Bucknell University

2012 Bea Sanders/AICPA Teaching Innovation Award Winners

“A FASB Accounting Standards Codification Project for Introductory Accounting”
Kay Poston and John Waters — University of Indianapolis

Honorable Mentions
“Words and Numbers: Introducing Freshmen Students in the Accounting/Finance Course to the Library”
Candy A. Bianco, Elizabeth Galoozis, Elliott Levy, Mary Marcel, and Karen K. Osterheld — Bentley University

“Digital Storytelling for Engaged Student Learning”
Themin Suwardy, Gary Pan, Seow Poh-Sun — Singapore Management University

2011 Bea Sanders/AICPA Teaching Innovation Award Winners

“$Chocolate$: Accounting as a First Year Seminar”
Priscilla Wightman — Hartwick College

Honorable Mentions
“Teaching Internal Control through Active Learning”
Tammy Duxbury and MaryElla Gainor — Bryant University

“The Farming Game® and the Introductory Financial Accounting Course: An Accounting Simulation”
Nate L. Staheli — University of Hawaii - Manoa

2010 Bea Sanders/AICPA Innovation in Teaching Award Winners

“Who Moved my Classroom?: A Framework for Community-Linked Learning and Assessment in Accounting”
Christopher D. Brandon — Indiana University Purdue University Columbus; Marsha Huber — Youngstown State University; Larita J. Killian — Indiana University Purdue University Columbus

Honorable Mentions
“A Better Way to Teach Effective Interest Method Related Problems in Accounting”
Avinash Arya — William Paterson University

"Mini-responsibility centers:” A strategy for learning by leading” 
Sandria S. Stephenson — Texas State University


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