George Krull/Grant Thornton Innovation in Junior and Senior-Level Teaching Award  

The intent of this award is to both recognize and disseminate successful innovative practices in the teaching of junior- and senior-level accounting courses (e.g., undergraduate intermediate and advance financial, cost/managerial, auditing, systems, tax, fraud/forensics, etc.) that continue to enhance accounting majors’ interest in accounting and pursuing the CPA profession as a career. Preference will be given to changes in a content segment or a subset of skills rather than a programmatic or curricular change.  The winner may be an individual or group of individuals.  Faculty member(s) may self-nominate.

Recipients are selected from the pool of accepted submissions to the AAA's Effective Learning Strategies Forum.

Lesson plans include learning objectives, detailed case/activity description, and addressed AICPA Core Competencies.

Winning lessons/materials for all AICPA educator awards for this and previous years are available for download to AICPA members through the
Accounting Educators' Curriculum Resource.

Award Criteria

The Selection Committee will use the following as their primary criteria to judge submissions:

  • Used in junior- and senior-level accounting courses.
  • Transferable to other institutions in terms of resources and instructor skills/connections.
  • Enhances learning of traditionally difficult topics.
  • Effectively filters students who should enter the CPA profession.

The teaching practice may not be a commercial product for which the faculty member has a financial interest.

The finalist(s) for this award will be asked to present their work at the American Accounting Association's Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA), receive a plaque and an AICPA funded award totaling $2,500. Past Award Winners and Honorable Mentions are listed below.

Apply first for the American Accounting Association's ELS Poster Session and when confirmation is received, you may apply for the ELS Educator Awards program. The online application will be available soon.

Other Educator Awards

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2016 George Krull/Grant Thornton Teaching Innovation Award Winners


“Reflective Ethical Decision: A model for ethics in accounting education”
Sandria Stephenson, Kennesaw State University

Honorable Mention
“Utilizing Concept Mapping in Individual Income Tax”
Tracie Miller-Nobles, Austin Community College


2015 George Krull/Grant Thornton Teaching Innovation Award Winners


“Diamond Foods Inc.: One Company, Two Cases, Four Courses. The Recipe for a Rich, Relevant and Exciting Learning Experience”
Mahendra Gujarathi, Bentley University

Honorable Mention
“Adding a Real-World Fraud Risk Assessment to your Fraud or Auditing Class”
Mary Jepperson, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University

2014 George Krull/Grant Thornton Teaching Innovation Award Winners 

“The College to Professional Experience”
Ashley Stark and Scott Hanson, Dickinson State University

Honorable Mention
“Regression Analysis—Instructional Resource for Cost/Managerial Accounting”
David Stout, Youngstown State University  
2013 George Krull/Grant Thornton Teaching Innovation Award Winners

“Bellweather Garden Supply: Revising Purchase and Disbursement Processes and Controls in the Implementation of a New Accounting Application”
Marion E. McHugh — Furman University
Paul Polinski — University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Honorable Mentions
“A "Sweet Way" to Teach Managerial Accounting: The Cookie Project”
Kelly Richmond Pope — DePaul University


"Understand FX Risk by Playing Monopoly"
Rita Grant — Grand Valley State University

“Engaging Students in Accounting and Auditing Aspects Related to the Dixon Illinois 53 Million Dollar Fraud”
Carol M. Jessup — University of Illinois-Springfield

2012 George Krull/Grant Thornton Teaching Innovation Award Winners

“Out of the Box Learning for Tax Class: Students Create Models, Pamphlets, and a Shoebox Case”
Marsha Huber — Youngtown State University


Honorable Mention
“Audit Service Proposal: Jurassic Accounting and Stellar Steel”
Meghann Cefarattil and Tim West — Northern Illinois University, David Heinke — Grant Thornton, LLP

“Using SEC Resources to incorporate IFRS content in Intermediate Accounting”
Linda Matuszewski — Northern Illinois University 

2011 George Krull/Grant Thornton Teaching Innovation Award Winners

“From Pacioli to Picasso: Using Art to Enhance Critical Thinking in Accounting Capstone Course”
Karen Tabak — Maryville University


Honorable Mentions
“IFRS Projects Using Dual Reporting of IFRS and U. S. GAAP”
Angela L. J. Hwang — Eastern Michigan University

“Student Engagement in Auditing Class – Audit Skits and Humor”
Gail Kaciuba — St. Mary’s University

2010 George Krull/Grant Thornton Teaching Innovation Award Winners

"Use Technology to Enhance Auditing Classes”
Mary Jepperson — College of St. Benedict


Honorable Mentions
"Detecting Fraud in Financial Statements” 
Natalie T. Churyk, B. Douglas Clinton, Chih-Chen Lee — Northern Illinois University

"Northwind Project—Query and Manipulate Data for Financial” 
R.K. Hurtt — Baylor University, Ann O’Brien — University of Wisconsin-Madison


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