Accounting Competencies

Accounting competencies are the technical competencies of the profession that add value to business and contribute to a prosperous society.

Risk Assessment, Analysis and Management
Assess, analyze and manage risk using appropriate frameworks, professional judgment and skepticism for effective business management.

Measurement Analysis and Interpretation
Identify and apply appropriate, reliable, and verifiable measurements to analyze data for a given purpose and intended use.

Identify the appropriate content and communicate clearly and objectively to the intended audience, the work performed and the results as governed by professional standards, required by law or dictated by the business environment.

Identify, access and apply relevant professional frameworks, standards, and guidance, as well as other information for analysis and to make informed decisions.

Systems and Process Management
Identify the appropriate businesses processes and system(s), related frameworks and controls to assist in the design and use of systems for efficient and effective operations.

Technology and Tools 
Identify and utilize relevant technology and tools to analyze data, efficiently and effectively perform assigned tasks as well as support other competencies.