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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Tax Staff Essentials (TSE)?
    Tax Staff Essentials is a comprehensive leveled training program for tax practitioners at varying stages in their career. It includes core business skills and fundamental technical tax topics for new staff and increasingly complex tax compliance and planning strategies for managers, directors, partners, and owners of small and medium practices.

  2. What are the different levels of Tax Staff Essentials?

    1. Level 1: New Staff

    2. Level 2: Experienced Staff

    3. Level 3: Tax Senior / Supervisor

    4. Level 4: Tax Manager / Director

  3. What are the different formats of Tax Staff Essentials?

    1. Online

    2. On-Site

    3. Tax School

    4. Webcasts

  4. Is Tax Staff Essentials designed for individuals or firms?
    Both. Individuals can enroll in the online, Tax School and webcast formats to sharpen their skills or build new skills to help them to progress to the next level in their career. Firms can choose from any of the formats for their staff training, or supplement existing training programs within the firm.

  5. Is it possible to buy the individual courses or do we have to buy the complete bundle?
    The online and on-site formats allow the option to purchase individual modules as well as the complete levels, depending on your preference. Tax School is only sold as a complete level. Webcasts are sold as individual courses.

  6. How long do I have to complete the online program?
    Tax Staff Essential online courses are available for one year from the date you purchase the course.

  7. Do we have to follow the sequence of levels in order to complete the Tax Staff Essentials learning?
    Courses in each level are what is recommended by the AICPA; however, TSE was designed in a modular format to allow you to mix and match to meet the specific needs of individuals and firms.

  8. What level of knowledge should I possess prior to starting the program?
    While Level 1 of the program is designed to provide a foundational level of learning, individuals will benefit from having a basic understanding and awareness of tax terminology and practices. Level 2 is recommended for tax staff with 1-3 years of experience; Level 3 for 3-5 years of experience; and Level 4 for practitioners with more than 5 years of tax experience.

  9. What is the minimum number of participants for the On-Site instructor led training?
    We require a minimum of 10 people to conduct an On-site instructor-led training.

  10. Does our firm have to take everything in the same format?
    TSE is able to be utilized as a single format or blended learning curriculum.

  11. Who should I contact for group study?
    You can contact a representative by completing a brief Online Form or calling 800.634.6780 (option 1) for information