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About AICPA Digital Badges

We launched our digital badging program in April 2016 with widespread adoption and engagement from our members and customers. We hope you’ll take full advantage of this new opportunity to earn and display your badge. Here is a video and set of frequently asked questions to help you understand the benefits and how you can display your new achievement.

Watch this overview video of digital badges through the Acclaim platform.

AICPA & CIMA sample badge

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a validated, visual representation of your significant achievement with a specific description of the knowledge and skills you’ve achieved to earn it.

What are Credly and Acclaim?

Credly empowers organizations to officially recognize individuals for demonstrated competencies and skills. Their mission is to connect people to opportunity based on their talent and capabilities. Thousands of organizations use Credly to make their students’, employees’, and members’ achievements visible, including Yale University, Harvard, the New York City Department of Education, Adobe, SUNY, University of Central Florida, Training Magazine, and Smithsonian. Acclaim is one of Credly’s badging platforms.

Why should I accept and share my new digital badge?

Digital badges are quickly becoming the global standard for recognizing and publicizing professional development. Sharing your digital badge with your social and professional networks (see “How do I share my badge?” below) helps you gain recognition for your achievement from clients, colleagues, and potential employers. A digital badge strengthens credibility and visually declares your commitment to quality. According to a recent LinkedIn study, profiles with certifications and badges receive six times the number of profile views. Watch this video (1:38) for an overview.

When will I receive my digital badge?

Once a digital badge’s specific criteria are met, you will be issued a digital badge approximately 15 business days or less. You will receive an email from admin@youracclaim.com with instructions and a link to claim your badge on the Acclaim platform.

How do I accept my badge on the Acclaim platform?

It’s easy to log in to the Acclaim platform to accept the AICPA and CIMA digital badge you have earned. Within the notification email you receive from admin@youracclaim.com, click the “Accept your badge” button or URL. You have the option to use your email address, Facebook or LinkedIn information when you create your free youracclaim.com account.

Do I have an obligation to accept the badge?

You do not have an obligation to claim or display the digital badge. However, downloading, embedding, and linking your unique digital badge enables potential clients, professional contacts, and employers to easily verify your accomplishments. You have the option to make your badge private once you’ve accepted it so others will not see it.