The AICPA is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion: Our statements
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The AICPA is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion: Our statements

We stand with the Asian and Pacific Islander community

Today, Friday, March 26, has been designated a National Day of Action to Stop Asian Hate. Although marked as a US-day of recognition, as a global organization, we’re taking today as a global day of recognition and remembrance. As we all have seen, hate against Asian and Pacific Islander (API or AAPI) communities has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic and safety has been compromised. We send our condolences and sympathies to our Association API and AAPI family, and to all those impacted by these senseless acts. At the Association, we continue to promote inclusion as one of our core values, and we stand against bias with our API and AAPI colleagues, members and friends. Diversity of backgrounds and perspectives makes our profession stronger and the Association is committed to driving greater inclusion of API and AAPI communities into the accounting and finance profession worldwide. This is a pivotal point in time and we must unify our voices to speak up against all forms of racism, hate and discrimination. As a global Association, let’s come together to take action to help systematically dismantle hate and transform it into peace, unity and compassion. #stopasianhate

The AICPA is committed to equity

As a global professional organization, with members of a profession committed to the public interest, we must demonstrate a deep commitment to true diversity and inclusion. The most pressing societal issue we must address is the systemic, structural racism that has caused such anguish and frustration in the Black community. We are encouraged to see many people of all colors speaking up and protesting against injustice. We acknowledge the impact of racial oppression on communities around the world and are deeply concerned to see many peaceful protests overshadowed by violence. As leaders, we recognize that we must advocate against racism and act to build a more equitable society. We offer our support and compassion to our Black and African American colleagues, friends, and business partners and to each other.