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AICPA & CIMA Safety Protocols

On-Site Health & Safety Policy Update

The health and safety of our conference participants and staff are our number one priority. We continue to monitor local, state and federal guidelines and are working closely with our hotel partners to responsibly and thoughtfully implement safety protocols to provide you a safe, enjoyable onsite experience.

We respect your privacy and appreciate your cooperation as we work together so we can be together. By entering the conference event space, all in-person participants agree to follow current health and safety guidelines and adhere to applicable requirements including the following:

  • Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of the first date of event participation is required to gain access to the event space and collect conference badge/credentials.

  • Masks will be required at all times unless actively eating or drinking within the event space.

  • Social distancing protocols will be adopted within all event spaces and applied to practices around networking events. All efforts will be made to lessen any negative impact these protocols may have on the overall event experience

Proof of Vaccination

All vaccinated conference participants will be asked to show proof of vaccination via CLEAR Digital Vaccination Card to collect their conference badge/credentials and enter the event space.

For Association of International Certified Professional Accountants’ conferences through calendar 2021, providing “proof of vaccination” will be defined as showing – through the CLEAR Digital Vaccination Card available through the CLEAR App on a participant’s personal device – that the participant has received either: (i) the second dose of a two-dose vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca-Oxford (e.g., Covishield, Vaxzevria), Sinopharm, or Sinovac) or (ii) a dose of the single-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson/Janssen).

The Association is not scanning, collecting, storing or reporting any participant’s vaccine data.


  • Step 1 - Please download the app onto your smartphone or device and follow the prompts to enroll:

  • CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access from the Apple App Store.

  • CLEAR - Health, travel, sports from Google Play.

  • Step 2 - There are a few options to digitally verify your COVID-19 vaccine. Start by clicking "Add my Vaccination" under the Digital vaccine card tile. Then, please select the option that works best for you:

Option 1 - Upload a photo of your CDC Vaccine Card

  • When prompted to add your vaccination, select ‘Add your vaccination card’

  • Take a photo of your vaccination card and confirm your vaccine information

  • Please note, the photo of your CDC card is just used to generate a digital vaccine card. You will not be able to access it again after it is taken.

  • Once confirmed, proceed to complete your digital vaccine card

Option 2- Digitally link a vaccine

  • Select your vaccine provider in the menu or by searching ‘other providers’.

  • Log-in to your patient portal and follow instructions to securely link your account with CLEAR. The CLEAR app is integrated with select healthcare providers and pharmacies.
    If you are unable to find your provider in search, CLEAR may not be able to link with them at this time.

  • Check that your COVID-19 vaccine appears in your patient portal, if not we recommend you reach out to your provider directly.

  • Your results will link automatically - do not try to resync your results

  • Note, sync time varies by provider and may take up to 30 minutes

  • Once synced, proceed to complete your digital vaccine card

  • Step 3 - Once completed, you can then view a digital vaccine card via your device.

  • Step 4 - A visual inspection will be conducted upon initial entry to the conference space to confirm vaccination prior to picking up your conference badge/credentials in the registration area.

Proof of Negative Test Result

Proof of negative result from either a PCR or antigen COVID-19 viral test, taken within 72 hours of the start of the conference and with results available prior to collection of conference badge/credentials and enter the event space.

The following are acceptable as proof of a negative COVID-19 viral test result:

  • A printed document (from the test provider or laboratory) showing test result

  • An electronic test result (email, text message, or mobile application record) displayed on attendee’s phone or mobile device.

Please Note: Test results must clearly show the name of the tested attendee, type of test performed, date of the test, and the negative test.

Mandatory Face Mask

Face Mask Coverings Required
All participants are required to wear a face covering that covers both the nose and mouth at all times, unless actively eating or drinking regardless of vaccination or test status. For the safety of everyone, participants unable to wear proper face coverings will not be permitted within the event space and will be asked to participate through our virtual conference platform.

Gaiters, bandanas, and coverings with exhalation vents are not acceptable; a face shield still requires a face covering.