Raftery, James E. of Mesa, AZ

Under the automatic disciplinary provisions of the Institute’s bylaws, Mr. Raftery’s AICPA membership was suspended for one year, effective July 14, 2017, the date of the state board’s disciplinary action. This action is based on the disciplinary action taken by the Arizona State Board of Accountancy. Whereby, Mr. Raftery was directed to complete twenty-four hours of CPE, and to undergo Pre-Issuance Quality Control Review for the first three audit engagements on non-profits, with gifts-in-kind as part of the audit, including review of work papers, performed by him and/or his Firm, wherein he is the engagement partner, lead accountant, concurrent reviewer, or wherein he performs any work on the audit engagement.  Details regarding the Board’s disciplinary action can be found on the state board’s website.