Muhlstock, Andrew of New York, NY

As a result of a decision by a hearing panel of the Joint Trial Board, Mr. Muhlstock’s AICPA membership was suspended for one year, effective February 9, 2017.  Mr. Muhlstock was directed to successfully complete the continuing education course entitled Professional Ethics:  The AICPA’s Comprehensive Ethics Course within sixty days of the effective date of the suspension. Mr. Muhlstock was found guilty of violating AICPA Code of Professional Conduct Rule 101 – Independence as supported by Interpretation 505-2 – Application of Rules of Conduct to Members Who Own a Separate Business and Interpretation 101-3 – Non Attest Services in that during the period of 2002 to 2004, Mr. Muhlstock was a partner in the accounting firm that provided audit and review services to mutual clients of a separately owned business, which he collectively controlled, impaired the firm’s independence because clients of the separately owned business wired payroll funds from their bank account directly to the separately owned business bank account, giving the separately owned business custody of client’s funds.