Bilby, Larry of Tampa, FL

As a result of a decision of a hearing panel of the Joint Trial Board, Mr. Bilby’s AICPA membership was suspended for two years effective July 8, 2017.  Mr. Bilby was found guilty of violating Rule 202 – Compliance with Standards and Rule 501 – Acts Discreditable of the Code of Professional Conduct of the AICPA in connection with his performance of professional services related to the audit of an employee benefit plan and his failure to ensure his firm obtained an appropriate peer review.  Mr. Bilby was directed to enroll in a peer review program within 45 days.  He was also directed to provide an attestation every six months for three years that he is no longer performing audits, reviews or compilations; and is prohibited from performing peer reviews, teaching CPE, and serving on committees of the AICPA.