Forman, Terry J. – Coral Gables, FL

Under the automatic disciplinary provisions of the Institute’s bylaws, Mr. Forman’s AICPA membership was terminated, effective February 23, 2015, in connection with the disciplinary action taken by the State of Florida Board of Accountancy. Specifically, the state board revoked Mr. Forman’s CPA licensee for violating the Board’s statues by: (1) submitting misleading letters to potential lenders on behalf of a client; (2) misappropriating reimbursements, or by failing to distribute any of the reimbursement to a client; (3) submitting a 2005 return to the IRS after receiving the signed, blank 2005 return and failing to verify the financial information with his client; and (4) for engaging in conduct that resulted in repeated disciplinary actions by the Florida Bar against Mr. Forman’s bar license, ultimately resulting in disbarment.