Sophisticated Tax Planning for Your Wealthy Clients

It seems every day there’s a new legislative twist in the way practitioners must approach their clients’ financial planning. This, along with the uncertain economy, makes the process of transferring wealth more challenging than ever. Additional factors such as the introduction of the carry-over basis rule, the lowering of interest rates, declining value of investments, real estate, retirement accounts and 529 plans make it essential to stay on top of the latest guidelines and routinely re-evaluate wealth plans for your affluent clients.

To help you navigate through the legal intricacies and myriad of information you need to know, I recommend the AICPA Sophisticated Tax Planning for Your Wealthy Clients.You’ll benefit from important up-to-the minute tax updates and cutting-edge strategies that will offer solutions while enhancing your status
as a trusted advisor.

Financial experts will fill you in on the latest issues, from IRS initiatives and estate taxes to proven techniques on retirement, life insurance planning, and more.

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Who should attend this Conference? CPAs, financial planners, lawyers, insurance agents, enrolled agents, firms with high-net-worth clients, family office managers, banks and trusts officers, investment advisors, and tax practitioners serving wealthy clients.

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Conference Chairman - Sid Kess

Sid Kess, Esq., CPA, J.D., LL.M., AEP® (Distinguished) recently selected “Most Influential Practitioner” by CPA Magazine, is a nationally renowned tax expert and
author/coauthor of hundreds of tax books on financial and estate planning. Having lectured to more than 725,000 practitioners on tax, financial and estate planning,
he is one of the nation’s best known lecturers in continuing professional education.

Mr. Kess is Of Counsel, Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP, New York, NY. He is consulting editor of CCH Incorporated’s Financial and Estate Planning Reporter. Mr. Kess was chairman of the advisory board of Tax Hotline and is a member of the PPC Tax Action Panel. He has edited a column on “Tax Tips” for the New York Law Journal for the past 41 years. Mr. Kess edits the AICPA’s CPA Client Bulletin and CPA Client Tax Letter. He is Executive Editor – Tax, of CPA Magazine. He has also written hundreds of AICPA tax workshops, audio and video programs, and is the recipient of the AICPA Distinguished Lecturer Award. Mr. Kess is often quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and other national publications. He was included in Accounting Today’s “100 Most Influential CPAs in the U.S.” for several years as well as CPA Magazine’s “Most Influential CPAs in the U.S.”

Mr. Kess is the recipient of the AICPA’s “Special Recognition Award” for his many years of contributions to the AICPA’s Continuing Professional Education program and was elected to the Estate Planning Hall of Fame by the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils for his distinguished service in the field of estate planning. He received his J.D. from Harvard University School of Law, BBA from Baruch College and LL.M. from New York University Graduate School of Law.