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Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting in Uncertain Times

Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting in Uncertain Times

Assists financial managers and management accountants in developing an integrated network of business models to plan, monitor and optimise organisation performance. The authors analyse the current problems of planning within organisations, and propose a framework that deals with the complexity and volatility of today's business environment.

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Michael Coveney, Gary Cokins

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Budgeting, planning and forecasting are critical management tasks that not only impact the future success of an organisation, but can threaten its very survival if done badly.

Yet in spite of their importance, the speed and complexity of today’s business environment has caused a rapid decrease in the planning time horizon. As a consequence the traditional planning processes have become unsuitable for most organisation’s needs.

In this book readers will find new, original insights, including:

  • 7 planning models that every organisation needs to plan and manage performance
  • 6 ways in which performance can be viewed
  • A planning framework based on best management practices that can cope with an unpredictable business environment
  • The application of technology to planning and latest developments in systems
  • Results of the survey conducted for the book on the state of planning in organisations

Praise for Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting in Uncertain Times

“This book will be a significant contribution to the body of knowledge for organizational financial planning and the role that software technology will have in improving an organization’s performance. It is written with a comfortable style and does an excellent job of explaining the nuances of modern financial planning tools.” – Malcolm Furber, FCMA CGMA FInstD CCMI MSAIM, Principal consultant, Ethoss consultant; and President of CIMA

“Coveney and Cokins’ book helps managers examine the way they plan and the types of planning models they use to rethink if there are better and more effective ways to plan. It is a must read especially for those beginning to question the value of the annual budgeting process.” – John Antos, President, Value Creation Group, Inc. Author of Rolling Forecasts Replace Budget

"Managers budget. Leaders plan. This book shows current and aspiring leaders new and improved techniques to create plans that include strategy improvement and activity management." – Tom Pryor, Founder, ICMS, Inc.; advisors to family-owned businesses

“This book not only provides an overview of the rise of management methodologies that shape an organization’s financial planning, but it goes deep in a way that anyone can understand the emerging technologies that enable faster and more useful plans.” – Vince Shunsky, Principal, Corporate Planning & Consulting LLC

"Want to boost your knowledge about business planning? This is the book you need. Highly recommended" – Jeroen De Flander, bestselling author, Strategy Execution Heroes

“Gary Cokins and Michael Coveney build a compelling argument that yesterday’s planning methods are quickly becoming outdated in today’s hyper-active business environment. They have set forth a series of planning principles oriented to today’s business that demands that planning processes must provide a rapidity of response that is essential to competitive survival. These principles are supplemented by tools and management surveys to add an additional element of practicality.

Throughout the book, they offer clear and understandable examples to emphasize key thoughts, and illustrates to the reader their relevance to effective planning in our modern economy.” – Lawrence Maisel, Internationally recognized practioner and thought leader in Performance Management

“Although financial planning and analysis has been practiced for decades, managers continue to be challenged with doing it properly, and especially more frequently revising their plans and their resulting financial projections. Coveney and Cokins describe the recipe for resolving these issues. A great read with excellent exhibits and illustrations.” – Michael Browne MSA, CPA, CGMA, CMA, CFM, ABV, President, Advanced Financial

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Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting in Uncertain Times
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