AICPA Digital Badges

This video outlines what digital badges are and how they benefit our members. 

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AICPA digital badges build a visible portfolio of respected, validated certificates and credentials that show your professional network that you have a commitment quality work and possess the latest industry knowledge, specialties and skills. 

Here are some interesting facts that you may want to share with your professional network when discussing digital badges. 

  1. Each badge has a unique URL to ensure that the individual earned the shared or displayed certificate. 
  2. According to a recent LinkedIn study, LinkedIn profiles with certifications and badges are viewed six times more often than the average profile.
  3. The AICPA offers digital badges with the Employee Benefit Plans Audit Certificate programs, Not-for-Profit Certificate programs and Single Audit Certificate programs.

Digital badges are fast becoming the standard for recognizing significant professional achievements across myriad industries. Check here for the latest discussions of digital badges in the news.