AICPA CPE Course Supplements

Modified: November 13, 2019

The AICPA strives for its continuing professional education (CPE) products to be as current as possible with respect to significant recent developments relevant to the course material. For the best learning experience possible, users of AICPA CPE products are encouraged to click on the appropriate links below to access supplemental learning material applicable to each of the provided topical areas. While this supplemental material is not required reading for the purposes of obtaining CPE credit for any specific course, it provides users with targeted summaries of significant, relevant developments to further enhance the users’ competencies in the applicable field of study. This supplemental material is free of charge and does not provide CPE credit. 

Also available on this site are links to the various "standards trackers" on the AICPA's Financial Reporting Center, which include the most recent standard-setting activity on the areas of accounting and financial reporting; audit and attest; and compilation, review, and preparation.