Webcast: Estate Planning Amid COVID-19

April 28, 2020

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Navigating through health and wealth concerns created by COVID19 can be daunting and it’s important to cover the basic estate planning needs for your clients. On a positive note, this environment of extremely low interest rates and depressed asset values – along with the high transfer tax exemption – creates an ideal landscape for estate tax planning. With government spending at an all-time high to keep the economy afloat, there is a high probability of increases in taxes, including estate taxes, which makes the timing for estate planning important. In this webcast, top estate and financial planning experts share:

  • Practical estate planning that needs to be considered in this environment of increased health risks
  • How to get documents signed and notarized with clients and advisors sheltered in place
  • The psychology of getting clients to move forward with prudent estate planning strategies when they are feeling vulnerable
  • Creative estate and tax strategies that allow clients to engage in effective wealth transfer planning in this unique environment while still being able to access their assets if the need arises: DAPTs, Hybrid DAPTs, SLATs, and SPATs
  • Alternate valuation date and valuation considerations when handling probate matters
  • And more