Our Action: Educating, Advocating, Advancing

The Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee’s action is committed to Educating, Advocating and Advancing women in the accounting profession.


We raise awareness of both men and women regarding the gap in the progress of women in the accounting profession. WIEC also provides solutions to close this gap. Offerings include:
  • Credible research regarding ongoing issues that have an impact on women in the accounting profession
  • Visible female role models through interviews, articles and awards (e.g., Women to Watch)
  • Detailed solutions for policies, programs, and initiatives that assist in organizational culture shift
  • Virtual and on-site education for women in critical skill areas such as business development, networking, mentoring and broad-based business skills
  • Providing speakers for firms, associations, state societies and other discussion forums (see resources for list of topics)


We attempt to empower women within the accounting profession by:
  • Supporting the business case for broad-based diversity in the profession
  • Influencing the cultures of firms and organizations to support the advancement of women
  • Providing resources to support the successful integration of personal and professional lives
  • Building alliances that are influential in sharing our mission and providing a channel for our solutions, tools and programs


We contribute to the progress of women in the profession by:
  • Providing research, webinars, education and culture-shift resources to support the advancement of women to ownership and leadership roles
  • Delivering a clear model to assist firms in implementing strategies for advancing women in their firm or organization
  • Providing operational tools, consistent with the model, that result in advancement of women within firms and organizations
  • Updating research on the advancement of women in the profession