Conference & Speaking Opportunities

November 10, 2006

The AICPA Women's Initiatives Executive Committee members are experts in the areas of staff retention, advancement, gender issues, and flexible work arrangements within the CPA profession. They are available to speak to professional organizations to address these and other related issues at any level.

The sessions listed below are just a sample of the kinds of topics we offer and they can be customized for almost any audience. For more information, or to schedule a session, submit a request to

Hot Topics!

Women's Initiatives A to Z
This presentation gives an overview of the AICPA Organizational Strategies Workshop. This workshop takes organizational leaders thru comprehensive content and tools related to the business case, structure, components of a successful women's leadership initiative. What is a women's initiative, why would you put one in place, who should be involved, when each component makes the most sense in terms of timing for your organization and how to implement.

Paving the Way to Partnership: Alternative Ownership Arrangements
Expanding partnership opportunities is an important step in retaining and advancing your top talent. This session will answer questions on the subject in a practical, case-study format, including information on governance, compensation, hours, and distribution of benefits with multiple levels of classes of partners and flex-schedule owners. Gain insight into challenges, best practices, and impact of implementing changes.

Recent Additions:

Career Advocacy Programs A to Z
We know that one of the barriers to retention and advancement of women in the accounting profession is lack of access to career development and advocacy. This presentation will explain how the absence of advocacy programs impacts women’s advancement, and how to implement the successful solutions.

Market Focused Initiatives to Retain and Advance Women Leaders
In today’s economy, organizations can only afford to invest in initiatives that are connected to the market. In this presentation you will learn how to position your women's initiative to relate directly to your organizations strategy, revenue generation and bottom line enhancement.

Being a Great CPA—Making Your Mark on the Profession
The accounting profession is a great one. It is a career that provides for many opportunities…ripe for picking. Rather than moving through the profession merely “doing” what is assigned to you, YOU have the chance to make your unique mark. There are key areas to choose from including professional volunteerism, business development, mentoring and much more. Hear the array and make a good choice for yourself.

How to Be a Champion—Picking the Specialty That's Right for You
It may be okay to be one of a sea of CPAs in this great profession. But for many, finding the specialty area that provides dependable, creative client services while meeting your personal needs is the key to loving what you do EVERYDAY. Hear the array of choices and find the one that fits the puzzle of your professional and personal live.

Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements
Career/life Integration is one of the barriers to the advancement of women in the accounting profession. And with the competition for talent increasing at an alarming rate, organizations must determine how to meet the new demands of their employees. This session discusses the difference between a flexible work arrangement and flexible work culture, and provides a how-to guide for implementing flexible work programs that will not only keep employees happy, but will also increase productivity—and the bottom line.

Mentoring From the Perspective of Individuals or Firms
Catalyst, a leading research organization in the field of women in the workforce, reports that mentoring has a great impact on the advancement of women throughout their careers. Organizations that take the time to cultivate leaders and encourage development and growth tend to see bigger returns on their human capital investment. This session will provide a step-by-step guide for implementing a successful mentoring program, including what to expect from a mentor/protégé relationship, how to set expectations, setting goals for the relationship, and actual forms and templates to use along the way.

Firm of the Future
Firms of the future will look very different than those of today. Those who cannot adapt to the changing climate may go the way of the dodo. Discover what conversations innovative firms are having today to ensure their survival – even success – well into the future. Strategic planning, retention strategies, succession planning, change management, and leadership accountability are just a few of areas covered to help firms prepare and adapt.

Barriers to Advancement (for Women)
Traditionally, women often struggle with self-promotion, lack sufficient role models, have limited access to informal networks, and have to confront gender-based stereotyping on the road to advancement. Given that women are now the majority of new entrants into accounting, it is essential that firms address the specific needs of their female employees to keep them engaged in the profession and on the path to leadership positions.

Off-Ramps and On-Ramps
Women are now an increasing majority of incoming CPAs, but they ultimately end up leaving the profession in significantly greater numbers than their male counterparts. Many times the absence is only temporary, often leaving to stay home with children or care for aging parents. The average time these women are “off-ramped” is only 2.2 years, after which most opt to return to the workforce but, unfortunately, NOT to their previous employer. Even worse, many don’t return to the profession at all. This session will illustrate how organizations can keep off-ramped employees engaged and connected while away, increasing the likelihood that they return to the organization they left.

Employee Retention: The New Face of the CPA Profession
The next generation of workers is demanding greater flexibility and balance from employers. The CPA profession is no different. Organizations looking to keep these professionals will adapt or go “gray.” This session will discuss in-depth the values of this generation, how to meet their needs, what to expect as far as productivity, communication styles, and ways of cultivating leadership out of this diverse talent pool.

Promoting Your Talent
What does it take to promote your career? What obstacles might you face and how will you address these? The AICPA Women’s Initiative Executive Committee has surveyed those who have been there and has compiled the knowledge and strategies to assist women in the advancement of their career. Practical skills and action items will be the focus of this informative session.


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