AWSCPA Legacy and Task Force

Activities of American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants (AWSCPA) have varied over the years and continue to change with member needs, the profession and the focus of the organization. In the 1980's, the focus was on forming affiliate groups. As the 80's became the 90's, the focus became one of national image and visibility. Influencing the profession and emphasizing key issues of importance to members became the impetus behind the issues papers published. Beginning in 1988 with the Child Care paper, the organization has been a leader in addressing alternative work schedules, practice development, mentoring, and female management styles. These papers have brought significant recognition to the organization.

Since its inception, AWSCPA has tried various ways to meet member needs. Through regional seminars, various publications, promotional materials, scholarships and awards, publicity efforts, administrative support, the focus of the organization has remained on its members.

Today, the newly created task force will begin its work with the following initial priorities:

  • Reinforcing a sense of community by building upon the newly renamed AWSCPA small firms groups, which will be managed by the AICPA Private Companies Practice Section. The task force will also explore creating new AWSCPA networking groups to serve the needs of women in medium and large firms, young CPAs and women in business and industry. 
  • Reviewing the AWSCPA awards and determining how to incorporate them into existing AICPA national offerings.
  • Promoting and growing the AICPA Women to Watch awards at the state/regional level in collaboration with state societies.

As the AWSCPA membership overwhelmingly approved an agreement to transfer its name and other intellectual property to the AICPA under a plan to dissolve the organization, the work of developing communities and programming for women will now be continued by a task force as listed below:

  • Kelly Welter
    Chair & Past National Board Representative
  • Belicia Cespedes
    Past Representative for Board
  • Kim Chapman
    Past Representative for Georgia
  • Mary Cheaney
    Past Representative for South Florida
  • Cynthia Cox
    Past Representative for National Board
  • Teresa Danile
    Past Representative for New Jersey
  • Sarah Elliott
    Past Representative for National Board
  • Melody Fenicks
    Past Representative for Member at Large
  • Christina M Flynn
    Past Representative for National Board
  • Melissa Hooley
    Past Representative of Member at Large


  • Rolanda M. Jacobovitz
    Past Representative of Member at Large
  • Amy Knowles-Jones
    Past Representative of National Board
  • Wendy Lewis
    Past Representative of National Board
  • Bonnie Mackey
    Past Representative of National Board
  • Alison Painter
    Past Representative of Tampa Bay
  • Mary Riley
    Past Representative of Member at Large
  • Dawn Sabo
    Past Representative of Houston
  • Susan Speirs
    Past Representative of Utah
  • Kristine Caratan
    Past Representative for Member at Large
  • Meredith Widlaski
    Past Representative of Austin