Women lead.

Women in the Profession

Today women have more opportunities than ever to succeed and advance in the profession. Accounting organizations are creating a culture for women to succeed in a variety of roles; fill the gap in personnel and mirror the market place. These resources are designed to help you stay engaged, move ahead in the profession and champion other women in your footsteps.


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This group offers networking opportunities, on-going interaction with role models, and advice for building additional skills in areas such as business development, networking, and career management.

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AICPA Online Mentoring

What will you learn from each other?

The AICPA Online Mentoring Program facilitates mentoring connections among members by matching mentees with mentors who have similar interests and backgrounds outside their organizations. It offers you a chance to learn from people who've been there and done that.

AICPA Women’s Global Leadership Summit November 10-12, 2020 in Miami, FL.

The AICPA Women’s Leadership Summit is designed to help women build skills in business development, mentoring, networking and client service and allow them to exchange ideas with established senior women executives and other promising female professionals. Email womensinitiatives@aicpa.org for more information.

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