Mentoring is a powerful force for developing the next generations of leaders. A mentor can offer insight and advice about challenges and opportunities, and serve as sounding board for ideas and career related decisions. An outside mentor will bring an objective perspective which often complements the mentoring and coaching a professional receives inside an organization.


Find an Online Mentor Today!

The AICPA Online Mentoring Program allows participants to seek a mentor outside of their organization, who can help level the playing field for women, minorities, and young professionals. Using an online platform makes a mentoring relationship interaction easier to fit into busy schedules, creating beneficial and successful outcomes.

Sign up today to participate in the AICPA Online Mentoring Program, a simple-to-use tool that is free to AICPA members. The program matches volunteer mentors with mentees who have similar backgrounds and interests and enables them to work together entirely online. Some of the great reasons to get involved include: 

  1. Share your knowledge and experience.
  2. Make a difference in another CPA’s professional life.
  3. Gain perspective on the challenges that other CPAs are facing.
  4. Demonstrate and enhance your own mentoring and leadership skills.
  5. Enjoy the satisfaction of giving back to the profession.

Once you’re matched, you work together with your mentee for up to a year, creating your own framework for your relationship using the site’s learning plan for mentees and adapting a sample online mentoring agreement to your own needs. 

You can find out more by exploring the Online Mentoring Program. First-time users should use the password aicpa2016 to sign up and discover all the tool has to offer. If you have questions, please contact Step up today and be an inspiration to another CPA! 


This video is showcasing a new technology infrastructure, launched by the AICPA, to facilitate the connectivity of AICPA members and mentoring within the profession.

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