Tax Tweets and Social Media Posts

The AICPA has developed a series of tax tweets and posts that can be used on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking accounts. Each is designed to help you start a conversation, reach new prospects and better position you or your firm as the premier tax experts. Be sure to add your firm info and include a hashtag. Questions on tweeting or other social media? Get your answers from the AICPA's user guides for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Choose from five varieties: Holiday/themed, year-round, tax season, CPA truths and - brand new - tweets from the 2017 "Life Changes, So Do Your Taxes, Talk to a CPA" campaign. 

The AICPA launched this campaign to reinforce the message that your value as a CPA reaches far beyond preparing one tax return. Mix and match these posts with the six images to get the full effect or show expertise in tax preparation and planning.  Complement your social media with new print ads that speak to individuals and families about the tremendous value of a CPA.

New! 2017 "Life Changes" Campaign

"Life Changes, So Do Your Taxes, Talk to a CPA" is the theme for new posts and tweets that drive home the message that clients can count on you for premier tax preparation and planning.