Successful Selling Tips - Setting the Goal

September 19, 2006

Writing down your pre-call objectives will increase the focus of your efforts. Every time you go out on a sales visit, you should be focused on moving the prospect or client toward a pre-determined goal; a goal that will ultimately assist you in boosting your firms revenue.

If you find that a pre-call objective turns out to be inappropriate as your visit develops, be prepared to switch tactics. Often, this requires only a simple redirection. But it is a redirection you more than likely would not have been prepared to make if you did not start out with a pre-call objective.

Guiding a prospect or client toward your goal is an important part of planning your pre-call objective. Prepare some simple questions in advance, such as:

  • If we have the expertise you need, can we set up a trial relationship for a few months?
  • Would you like to speak with some clients for whom I've provided similar services?
  • When will you (or another client decision-maker) make the final selection? How can we assist in facilitating that decision?

Remember, advance planning is vital to the success of your sales call. The simple truth in selling is that some of the most important steps are those you take before you even meet with a prospect.