Successful Selling Tips - Getting Referrals

September 19, 2006

Your existing client base is also an excellent source for referrals. Creating and maintaining strong and active referral relationships is essential to growing your practice. If you want more business, don't be afraid to ask for it.

The benefits of a strong referral program are numerous. First, you get to talk with prospective clients who are generally more receptive to hearing from you because of their regard for the person who referred them to you. Much of the cold calling resistance is eliminated. You also will have some knowledge about the person you are contacting. What's more, the fact that a client has given you a referral indicates that the client is happy with your work and provided you with an endorsement.

The two most important words whenever a client provides you with a referral are thank you. Even if a prospect never becomes a client, don't forget to say thank you to both the prospect and the person providing the referral.