Successful Selling Tips - Basics

September 19, 2006

There is no such thing as a natural born salesperson. Successful selling is a constant learning experience, an experience where you'll learn as much about yourself, as you will learn about your clients.

Before you sell anything, make sure you first know your target audience and the services you want to promote. Once you have established those two pieces, you then will be ready to develop your own unique selling proposition. Precisely defined, this entails knowing what unique characteristics about your core business services will most appeal to clients and prospective clients. This will take some time and soul searching to develop, but is worth the effort.

In developing your unique selling proposition it is important to include the CPA difference or what sets you apart from other accountants and business advisors. CPA's have met stringent education and experience requirements, your work must be performed in accordance with high quality technical and professional standards and you must adhere to a strict code of professional ethics. Another point of difference is your membership in the AICPA or state CPA society.