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Member Wins Award/Honor

September 19, 2006



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CPA Firm Smith & Jones Partner Honored

[Insert Date] Sally Thompson, a resident of {TOWN}, will be among those honored by the {STATE} Chapter of the American Cancer Society at its annual dinner on {DATE}. Thompson, a partner of CPA firm Smith & Jones, headquartered in {TOWN}, has served as a volunteer with the American Cancer Society for more than 10 years.

Spurred by the loss of a beloved grandmother to cancer many years ago, Sally Thompson is known for being firmly committed to helping further the organizations crucial work.

"Sally has done so much for our chapter over the years, it's hard to know where to begin," said Alice Moyers, Executive Director of the {STATE} Society/Chapter. "She has done everything from stuffing envelopes to organizing and running fundraising events to donating her firms' services. She is one of the most tireless volunteers I have ever met."

The annual awards dinner of the {STATE} Chapter of the American Cancer Society will be held at the {PLACE} on {DAY AND DATE}. For information and tickets, please call the American Cancer Society at 888-555-1111.

Smith & Jones Certified Public Accountants has been serving clients across {COUNTY OR AREA} from its {TOWN} office since 1993. The firm offers a wide array of services including a, b, and c, as well as d. Founders John Smith and Jane Jones and their staff of six CPA's have a combined 49 years of tax and accounting experience. John Smith is a graduate of ABC University and has earned the a and b designations. Jane Jones is a graduate of DEF College, holds a master's degree from GHI University and has earned the a, b and c designations.