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September 19, 2006



Contact: John Smith
Smith & Jones
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Local CPA Firm Launches Elder Care Advisory Service

[Insert Date] For many adults, the prospect of caring for their aging parents can be daunting. Aside from the logistical and emotional challenges, there are the financial issues to consider: developing a plan to address a parent's estate planning, insurance, financial, housing and lifestyle needs, to name a few.

Providing assistance in this area is CPA firm Smith & Jones, headquartered in {TOWN}, which has launched a new elder care advisory service called PrimePlus. The PrimePlus service is designed to address the range of financial and non-financial issues faced by those who care for aging parents. In the area of medical care planning, the firm offers assistance with such services as living wills, healthcare powers of attorney and advanced medical directives. Financial planning services include long-term care financing and insurance, annuities, reverse mortgages and flexible spending accounts.

In addition, the firm provides a variety of services to ease the day-to-day burden of managing an elderly parent's finances. These include fund management and disbursement, the submission of insurance claims, confirming the accuracy of provider bills and the preparation of tax returns for caregivers and other household staff.

A unique aspect of Smith & Jones's new PrimePlus service is the breadth of non-financial services the firm offers. Non-financial services include planning for housing support, declining competency and disability. The firm also is equipped to arrange transportation, manage real estate and provide snowbird and concierge services. The firm also can act as the coordinator for the family's team of healthcare, legal and other professionals. For those who live a distance from their parents, the firm of Smith & Jones, perhaps most importantly, can help monitor caregiver and other service providers to ensure that agreed-upon standards are being met.

Smith & Jones Certified Public Accountants has been serving clients across {COUNTY} from its {TOWN} office since 1993. The firm offers a wide array of services including a, b, and c. Founders John Smith and Jane Jones and their staff of six CPA's have a combined 49 years of tax and accounting experience. John Smith is a graduate of ABC University and has earned the a and b designations. Jane Jones holds a master's degree from GHI University and has earned the a and b designations.